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September 15, 2012
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PHQ: [Pt-193] by Tigerfais PHQ: [Pt-193] by Tigerfais
Trying out for PHQ cause it looks so cool. ; u ;
Ohh my handss hurt. /shot
This is my first male OC for a rp LOL. I hope I don't mess it up. XD;;
Wish me luck ; u ;

Ignore any grammar mistakes. ~ /Shot...

Who's the lucky happy girl who got in with two thumbs and a pair of eyes? This girrrl. ~

hnng, thank you for accepting mee.


RP Preferences
I really like to skype, but I don't mind note (it will be slow), and chat is okay I guess. ; u ;
I also prefer lit cause I'm stupid- I don't mind script thooough.

C-come to me, I don't bite. :c

= Name: A-ver-ree Rae-ane Ah-lah-na
Avery Raine Alana
= Age:

= Gender:

= Height:

= Weight:

= Personality:
Athletic, observant, stubborn, protective, energetic, and hotheaded.
Avery is a energetic male with a very negative outlook on life, however he chooses to appear happy to fulfill his mother's wishes. He is rather a hothead, unable to remain calm if he is angered. Because of his loss of the two people he loves, he finds himself becoming utterly protective of those he cares for, or even females he hasn't met. He is very stubborn and does not stand down on his beliefs. Ave is very observant, he loves spotting details that others can't and apart from that Avery is very athletic.

Avery is also a person who is very blunt, if he develops feelings for you, he will most likely tell you. He is also the type to bottle their negative feelings up, often wanting to release them with violence.

= Backstory:
Ave was born on October thirty first to the rich family of Alana. His father, Kau, was a working and traveling politician, his mother, Tessa, a sickly housewife that only wished the best for her sons. Ave's older brother of five years was named Alin. Ave's childhood revolved around spending time with his mother because his brother preferred writing long and complex emails to his father. At the age of eight, Tessa had passed away with only Ave at her bed side, she told him one thing as she died.

"My child, I really do love you, so I wish you would not grieve my death... Please, Avery, you are strong. Remember to always be happy and bright, remember that I will... always love you... and always will be watching you..." The pale sickly hand had dropped, as a small child had held it with all his grip, tears streaming down his face as loud bursts of his voice cried out with neither father or brother to comfort him. He was truly the only one who cared for his mother, and because of that she died with crystal clear drops streaming from her cheeks, reflecting the bit of happiness she had in her heart.

After his mother's death, his father remarried three years later. Ave and Alin had moved closer to his father, now being raised by his strict stepmother. His father declared something outrageous, and pressured the boys beyond how they could handle it. Ave knew that the male he called father had only considered Alin as his precious son.

"Now, I know it's been a harsh past, but don't be weak. You two are men, so I'm expecting you two to become the best lawyers, doctors- or even politicians. You will bring a good name to our family." Tall, broad shoulders, fierce eyes stood above the young boys. "Yes father." Replied the first son before the second hesitantly spoke. "...M-mother said we should do what makes us happy." Glaring down at the boy, the male had come closer. "Money is happiness, and Avery, your mother is dead."

His father favored his brother to the extreme. Though Ave could only find it fair since his brother had done almost everything better than Ave. School, getting the girl, athletics, and becoming the hero in every situation know to man. He was alone, in living only off of the words his mother gave to him before he met a beautiful female with long stunning black hair. Her name was Ariel, and he loved her from the moment he met her. After months with her, they began their relationship before his brother and father saw her as a distraction. His father was enraged, she was a distraction, and in his definition, far too good for Ave. His brother glowed with jealousy and got closer and little by little began to snatch the girl away.

It when Avery turned sixteen that he started his sniper training, at first it was only to please his father of his hunting skills, but he grew to love it. He also found himself with Ariel among the bar, earning money from gambling on darts. Only when it struck October the thirty first did Alin announce his marriage to Ariel which struck Avery. Though after the marriage, since the girl was older then Avery by two years, her family went broke which triggered rage within Avery's father.

His favorite son, married to a penniless wench? That was not how he wanted his family to be seen as. As Avery had began his driving lessons, Ariel would often come to help him. His father hired a man to crash into the car, side which Ariel was sat in, however Avery survived. All his confrontations to his father were ignored, being a well known politician, he had his connects to get around the situation and claim it simply as an accident.
Avery had nothing he had loved left, he saw how his brother barely cared, and despised him for that. He despised his father. He wanted to take them down. Eventually he fell into a pool of depression and grief but soon began to stabilize it as he entered PHQ. He only then began to again live off as his mother's words of being happy and bright as he took steps closer to revenge.

= Weapon/Abilities:
Ave prefers to be somewhere high, out of sight and on the rooftop. He loves his sniper rifle, Marilyn, to death as well as his scissors. Though he is horrid at close quarters, he has a knife and his scissors, usually used to throw at people or just cut things when he's bored. If he is ever in close quarters, he will most likely run because he is a wimp.

Ave is a very agile and intelligent person, however he lacks strength. He can easily be overpowered in close quarters, but he can run away with his moderate parkour skills. Ave is considered a top notch sniper, and he's really good throwing things, but he's horrid with computers and close quarters.

Ave tends to get distracted very easily when he's suppose to be on watch. He likes to look around, and he often misplaces things like his bullets.

Ave tends to speak to himself when he snipes, however he is very good at concealing himself in situations, and can improvise very well. He gets nervous around guns though, but doesn't get nervous around his sniper rifle.

Scissors, tom brown tracker knife, bolt-action .300 Winchester Magnum custom sniper rifle with custom infrared scope.

= Hobbies
Reading books
Video games
Sniping like a boss
Free running
Annoying the people around him
Being stupid
Stalking cute girls
Competing in anything

= Other Info:
Prefers to be called Ave, or Raine
Mother used to call him A.R.A
His shirt says 'Coffee' on it, and he owns another one that looks exactly the same but says 'Tea'
His sniper rifle is named "Marilyn"
His rebellious features often make him look shady rather than his clothes
He's moderate at free running
Top notch aim
His medallion is his mother's.
He wears bright neon yellow socks.
Hawaiian and British ~

Puns and cheesy jokes
Correcting others
Hitting on the captains
Looking on both sides of an argument
Straight black roasted coffee with no sugar
Running around ~
Free running

= Dislikes:
Males (because of his brother and father :'c)
Talking about his past
Cats (They attack him)
The Government
Pushy people
Staying still
Close quarters
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